We select the best green coffee beans worldwide. We purchase Arabica coffee from Brazil, Honduras, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Robusta coffee from India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Africa. We use green coffee beans to create different blends to satisfy all our clients’ needs.


Our quality inspectors carefully check both the organoleptic properties and taste of every single blend in order to offer unique and consistent coffee blends. Before placing the order for the green coffee beans, we ask for a sample of pre-shipment. We analyse and check the sample and only if we are satisfied with the product we carry on with the shipping of the whole batch. We further check the quality of the coffee after roasting, right before packaging. We carefully check the coffee blend first visually, looking at the consistency of the creamy espresso. Then we check the smell to make sure that the espresso carries distinct aromas. Finally, we taste the espresso. Our experts check the aroma, body and aftertaste. We proceed with the packaging and selling of the coffee only if the blend positively ticks all the quality checks.


The roasting process begins as soon as we receive the green coffee beans from around the world. We daily receive green coffee beans, which are stocked in our warehouse by storing them in different silos depending on their origin.
Green coffee beans from different silos are directly sucked through different tubes and put into the roasting machine, depending on the desired blend. Coffee beans are then slowly roasted to allow organoleptic properties to get released. During roasting coffee profoundly changes: it reduces its weight releasing humidity, it enlarges and changes its chemical compositions, allowing the development of its unique aroma.
After roasting, coffee beans go through a ventilation system to cool down and finally it is packaged.


In order to guarantee quality to our consumers and to obtain consistent improvements through the process, we asked for the certification ISO 22000. ISO 22000 certifies that the production process follows an organized and systematic flow through every single step in order to guarantee good quality of the final product and of the management of the process.

We also look at the sustainability of our production process. We produce clean electricity through solar panels that have been installed on the rooftop and we recycle exhaust gases from the roasting machine to warm up our administrative offices during the winter. We also collect the waste product after roasting (coffee husks), which is given to local industries that turn it into renewable biomass energy.