Our ethical commitment


Violence against women is often fuelled by discrimination and gender inequality. To give women’s work dignity and value, and to contribute to the emancipation of women coffee growers throughout the world, we at Caffè Poli have decided to support the International Women’s Coffee Alliance Italy as a founding member.

Find out more about womenincoffeeitaly.com, Italian chapter of the international association womenincoffee.org, that promotes the emancipation of women in the coffee industry. Scopri di più su womenincoffeeitaly.com, divisione italiana dell’associazione internazionale womenincoffee.org che promuove l’emancipazione delle donne nell’industria del caffè.

IWCA Italy

The role of women in the coffee production chain is fundamental but is often not given value or properly appreciated. We want to support, promote and reinforce the figure of the woman in the world of coffee and for this reason we have decided to become a founding member of International Women’s Coffee Alliance Italy: fairness, sustainability and women’s empowerment are our aims.