Our commitment to the environment

Ten years ago we made a commitment: to make our company sustainable.

Roasters generate huge quantities of heat, why not use it? We have introduced a heat recovery system to exploit the energy we have available. The sole source of energy for the Roastery are the solar panels installed on the roof, saving 700 g of CO2 for every kWh produced. We don’t throw anything away: even the raw coffee beans’ silverskin is used as a fuel to generate biogas.

The power of the sun

The sun is a natural resource that generates non-polluting energy: for every kWh produced we save the emission into the air of 700 g of Co2. Our photovoltaic plant allows us to be energy self-sufficient.

Green energy

We have installed a “briquetting machine” for the coffee chaff in the Roastery: instead of disposing of the coffee bean waste, we process and press it and transform it into biogas, a source of renewable and green energy.

The heat of coffee

We have installed a system to recover the heat of the roasting chimneys: properly channelled, the heat generated allows us to heat the water used to top up the heating of our offices.

Organic coffee

Organic coffee is a guarantee of the quality of the raw materials and the sustainability of the plantations. The production method guarantees full respect for the land and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.